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    5 things to avoid when writing a resume

    Are you making mistakes on your resume that could be costing you interviews?  In today’s competitive job market, even small errors can have a big impact.  From cluttered layouts to outdated references. Sydney Resume, a leading provider of professional resume writing services in Sydney, identifies 5 common pitfalls to avoid when crafting resumes.  

    Don’t include certain information, which is not necessary

    Sydney Resume, with its team of professional CV or resume writers in Sydney, understands the significance of avoiding unnecessary information in your resume. Including details like age, gender, or unrelated personal information can distract recruiters and HR Managers from focusing on your qualifications and skills relevant to the job.

    1. Age Disclosure: While age discrimination is prohibited under the National Employment Standards, mentioning your age in a resume might inadvertently invite biases. Sydney Resume advises against including your date of birth unless absolutely necessary for the job application.
    2. Irrelevant Personal Details: Glamorous photos or unrelated personal information can detract from the professionalism of your resume. Recruiters and HR managers seek concise and relevant information that showcases your qualifications and suitability for the role.
    3. Increasing Employability: By following the principle of “less is more,” you can enhance your employability. Sydney Resume’s experts guide you in crafting a professional and focused resume that highlights your skills, experiences and achievements without unnecessary distractions.
    4. Addressing Bias: Recognising that biases, whether conscious or subconscious, exist in the recruitment process, Sydney Resume emphasises the importance of presenting a resume free from irrelevant personal information. This approach helps recruiters and HR managers assess candidates based solely on their qualifications and capabilities.

    Sydney Resume’s commitment to professional CV writing Sydney ensures that your resume presents a clear and compelling case for your suitability for the job, increasing your chances of success in landing your desired role.

    Avoid Clutter in Your Resume

    Sydney Resume, renowned for its professional CV writing in Sydney, emphasises the significance of avoiding clutter in your resume. Our experts understand that a cluttered resume can significantly impact your employment prospects, especially when recruiters spend only around 30 seconds initially reviewing each resume.

    1. Visual Appeal: Your resume should have clear headings, consistent formatting and a well-organised layout to ensure readability and understanding. A clutter-free design helps recruiters focus on your qualifications and experiences rather than struggling with deciphering complex information.
    2. Systematic Format: Present all information in a systematic manner, starting with a professional summary or objective, followed by sections detailing your education, work experience, skills and achievements. Use bullet points and concise sentences to convey information effectively.
    3. Impact on Employment Chances: In a competitive job market with numerous applicants vying for the same role, the layout and format of your resume can make a significant difference. Sydney Resume’s expertise lies in creating resumes that stand out due to their clean and professional appearance, making a positive impression on recruiters.
    4. Differentiation: With hundreds of applicants applying for similar roles, subtle factors like layout and format can set your resume apart. Sydney Resume’s meticulous approach ensures that your resume not only meets but exceeds industry standards, increasing your chances of catching the recruiter’s eye amidst the competition.

    By partnering with Sydney Resume’s curriculum vitae writers in Sydney, you can ensure that your resume is free from clutter, visually appealing and strategically designed to enhance your employment prospects.

    Avoid Gaps in Your Resume

    Sydney Resume, a leading professional resume writing service in Sydney, understands the significance of avoiding gaps in your resume. Our expert curriculum vitae writers in Sydney can help you fill in these gaps strategically to present a seamless career narrative to recruiters.

    1. Addressing Gaps: Any gaps in your resume can raise questions for recruiters and potentially decrease your chances of securing an interview. It’s crucial to address these gaps proactively to avoid any negative assumptions about your employment history. Sydney Resume’s experts handle the gaps, if any, in the best possible manner.
    2. Importance of Explanation: Recruiters may assume various reasons for resume gaps, such as unemployment or maternity leave. By providing clear explanations for gaps, such as travel experiences with specified dates, you eliminate ambiguity and showcase transparency in your career journey.
    3. Example Scenario: For instance, if you took time off for travelling, explicitly mention the period of travel in your resume. This simple addition prevents recruiters from assuming that you were actively seeking employment during that time but faced challenges in finding a placement.
    4. Impact on Interview Prospects: Unexplained gaps can lead recruiters to question your reliability and commitment, potentially lowering your chances of securing an interview. Sydney Resume’s professional CV or resume writing services help you present a cohesive and comprehensive resume that addresses any potential red flags, increasing your interview prospects.
    5. Strategic Assistance: Our experienced curriculum vitae writers work closely with you to understand your career history and strategically fill in gaps to create a compelling narrative. By partnering with Sydney Resume, you can ensure that your resume effectively communicates your qualifications and minimises any concerns about resume gaps.


    Try to Avoid Including ‘Negative’ Explanations in Your Resume

    Sydney Resume, a renowned curriculum vitae writer in Sydney specialising in professional resume or CV writing, understands the significance of avoiding negative explanations in your resume. Our expert team can guide you in presenting your career history positively to enhance your job prospects.

    1. Impact of Negative Explanations: Including negative explanations, such as criticism of previous employers, in your resume can have adverse effects on your job search. Recruiters often prefer to focus on positive aspects of candidates’ experiences rather than dwelling on negative aspects.
    2. Recruiter’s Perspective: From a recruiter’s viewpoint, detailed negative explanations, such as grievances with former employers, may raise concerns about your professionalism and suitability for the role. It’s crucial to maintain a positive tone and avoid unnecessary details that can detract from your qualifications and achievements.
    3. Presenting Positive Reasons: When providing reasons for leaving previous roles, strive to frame them in a positive light. Focus on factors like career growth opportunities, seeking new challenges, or pursuing professional development. This approach portrays you as proactive and forward-thinking, enhancing your appeal to recruiters.
    4. Guidance from Sydney Resume: Sydney Resume’s professional CV or resume writing services offer strategic guidance on crafting positive and impactful explanations for job transitions. Our expert curriculum vitae writers ensure that your resume presents a cohesive narrative that highlights your strengths and accomplishments without resorting to negative explanations.
    5. Increasing Job Prospects: By partnering with Sydney Resume, you can effectively navigate the delicate balance of explaining job transitions positively, increasing your chances of landing interviews and securing your desired roles.

    Avoid Using Old References

    Sydney Resume, a leading professional CV writing service in Sydney, recognises the significance of using updated references to enhance your CV’s credibility. Our expert curriculum vitae writers can guide you in selecting the most relevant and impactful references for your job applications.

    1. Importance of Recent References: In today’s competitive job market, recruiters value recent and relevant references that can provide insights into your current skills and performance. Using outdated references from many years ago may not accurately reflect your current capabilities and achievements.
    2. Negative Impact of Old References: Using old references, especially those from 15 years ago, can have a negative impact on your resume or CV. These references may no longer be contactable, leading to delays or difficulties in the verification process. Moreover, outdated references may not have a clear recollection of your roles and responsibilities, reducing their effectiveness in supporting your application.
    3. Risk of Unavailability: References that are no longer reachable or have limited memory of your past roles can jeopardise your resumes or CV’s credibility. Recruiters rely on references to validate your skills and suitability for the role, making it essential to choose references who can provide relevant and timely feedback.
    4. Selecting Appropriate References: Sydney Resume’s professional resume or CV writing services include expert advice on selecting the most suitable references for your CV. We recommend using recent references, ideally from your direct supervisor or manager in your two most recent roles. These references can offer valuable insights into your performance, work ethic and contributions, strengthening your resumes or CV’s credibility.

    Our team of curriculum vitae writers in Sydney can assist you in navigating the selection of references, ensuring that your resume or CV presents a compelling and accurate portrayal of your professional abilities. By leveraging updated and relevant references, you can enhance your resumes or CV’s impact and increase your chances of securing interviews and job offers.


    Using recent and relevant references is crucial for a strong resume or CV. Sydney Resume’s professional CV or resume writing services ensure that your references enhance your credibility. Trust our expertise to craft a standout resume or CV that boosts your job prospects. Partner with us for success in your job application journey!

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