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6 Interview Tips

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To help you with your interview, we at Sydney Resume have put together 6 interview tips, to help you along the way:

  1. Be prepared

Make sure that you go over your resume thoroughly prior to the interview, so that the conversation flows effortsly if the recruiter does ask you a question about any particular role.

Do your research on the company. Make sure you do a good “site stalk” of their website and understand as much as you can about the business, prior to the interview.

  1. Ask questions

Recruiters love when you ask questions, because it shows that you have a genuine interest. Most of the time you will have an opportunity to ask questions at the end of the interview and therefore, it is a great way to leave a lasting impression.

  1. 80% of communication is non-verbal

80% of communication is non – verbal and therefore strong eye contact, great posture and a great handshake are important non-verbal communicators in an interview. Ensure that you are sitting up straight, but comfortable and that you are not crossing your arms during the interview.

  1. Dress to impress (dress role appropriate)

Always ensure to dress for the part. These points are usually not mentioned, however being presentable is a key factor. Make sure your clothes are ironed and clean and make sure your hair is nice and clean too.

Unless you are going for a job with Havaianes, no thongs to interviews!

  1. Do practice interview questions prior to your interview

A lot of interviews these days are behavioural based, therefore based on the role you will be going for do some practice questions and answers.

An example of a behaviourally based question: please provide me with an example in your most recent role, where you have had to deal with a difficult client and how did you go about dealing with them”.

Therefore, pre-empt behavioural based questions that your potential employer might ask you based on your experience and the role that they are advertising for and have some great examples ready to go.

  1. Be yourself

Last, but not least – Be Yourself! I always say when you arrive at any interview, focus on your slow breathing before you go into the interview. This will calm you down so that when you enter the room you are calm, collected, confident and most importantly yourself!


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