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Resume Templates

One of the most daunting parts of the application process is settling for a resume format or template that works. The wide spectrum of resume writing advice available online makes this even more confusing, as everyone seems to be saying something different about what makes a good resume. To put it in simplest terms, a […]

Best Foot Forward: Impactful Cover Letters

Picture this: you are welcomed into a beautiful foyer or a sitting room and you are immediately captivated by the cleanliness, attention to detail and other functional elements in the room. Often, waiting rooms like these reflect the cleanliness and orderliness of the rest of the building. They are a glimpse into what to expect, […]

Keywords That Get You Hired

Picture the old days of “pounding the pavement”, searching the neighbourhood for job prospects and opportunities: an applicant prints several dozen copies of the same resume and hands them out to any office or workplace that has a “HIRING” sign displayed out in the front. They may get hired on the spot, or they may […]

How To Select The Best References

Most applicants expend their energy and effort writing the perfect role descriptions and qualifications in their resume, but forget to pay enough attention to a vital part of any resume: References. Professional resume references may come in different names or forms: character references, professional references, personal references, career references, or even just referees. They all […]

Busting the Bot Barrier: How to pass ATS Scanners & land your dream job

Have you ever sent in a resume thinking you’re the perfect candidate for the role, only to never hear back from the recruiter despite your stellar credentials? Maybe they didn’t receive your file. Maybe they lost your application or maybe, your resume was passed over by the ATS and did not rank high enough to […]

It’s not all about the page count.

One of the most important things to consider when crafting your resume is the success of your document. The goal of a resume is to create a point of difference for yourself, compared to other applicants and therefore, the page count should be a secondary consideration. Quality over quantity is always encouraged and therefore, ensuring that the […]


The ongoing Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) epidemic has caused major disruptions in the way that businesses function. With the rise in infection rates, the situation continues to pose as a challenge to various industries worldwide as operations come to a halt and as thousands of people are faced with the challenges of reorienting work practices and […]

5 Ways to Spice Up Your Resume

A great first impression goes a long way in life in general. It can determine whether you secure that first meeting or head start in whatever it is you are pursuing. This is especially true in the realm of job hunting, mostly applicable to fresh graduates or beginners searching for their first employment experience. With […]

Law Enforcement Resumes

In Australia law enforcement officers can be employed by all three levels of government – federal, state / territory, and local. A career in law enforcement can be rewarding and fulfilling, especially since policing and detective work enables you to provide services that ensure the safety and the security of the community. When applying for law enforcement placements and […]

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